Most MyGM and MyLeague lovers are concerned

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Soundtracks are MT 2K21 cool and all, but quite honestly, I struggle to see that the real long-term worth in investing a lot into this part of a game. That's an opinion that I'm sure some will agree with, and others may disagree. That said, we've seen the soundtrack which is going to be in the game and based on your own personal tastes, you're either elated, frustrated, or could care less about the songs contained. I'm fine with what is coming on this front, and as far as comment, I will await the next-gen models for a major leap in this region. Some really cool things can be done to make what's already very good opinion in the game even better.

Here's a part of where 2K and EA should really bring the heat. I'm not necessarily talking about delivering new ways. Again, that is next-gen can wow us. I am more referring to fleshing out present modes. By way of instance, I have already stated that without a salary cap attribute in MyTeam, I am most likely not going to provide that aspect of the game a lot of my time this past year. To a lesser degree, but comparable, the same can be said for a draft attribute. Madden, FIFA, MLB The Show, and the NHL show have excellent versions of this concept in their collector modes. 2K needs to bring this back to my team

Most MyGM and MyLeague lovers are concerned because we have not seen a site for this region of the game, and usually that's been released by now. It is uncertain if this means those dear styles have gone untouched. Hopefully, that isn't true since they're a couple of upgrades that may be delivered on the current-gen that wouldn't undermine the appeal of this next-gen. For instance, allowing offline roll creators to include tattoos to created players. Allowing MyLeagues having a more flexible variety of teams (8-64). Allow for rule changes which enable a four-point lineup (something I know that has been discussed previously ), changing the three-point line to college space, as well as improving trade/free-agency logic Buy 2K MT for CPU-controlled teams.