I just seeing things or is there a reason for all these expensive

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Also, what OSRS GP are you going to be using this armour for? If training without taking much damage (pest control) the I dont suggest using barrows. You should think about getting a fighter torso for coaching because it includes 4 str. It takes some time to get but its well worth it, and also the mini game is fun. If you're going to be slaying or player fighting in security (castle wars, duels) then I suggest the armour above. You wouldnt imagine just how much people will do for an extra 4 str (22 mil for tassy with 2 str). Paying 4 mil to get a ring with 4 str is worth it. Whips are moving down, furys are crashing together with the dfs. Those are only a couple of ive noticed in the last few days. Other items appear to be going down at a quicker rate than normal now. The bgs is crashing like a mo fo too.

Am I just seeing things or is there a reason for all these expensive armours and weapons to be crashing? Even sharks are moving down fairly fast, so I think its only permanent products. What do you think? Why costs fluctuate, in this instance crashing.

People go pking using fury-s and dfs-s, they fall as loot and individuals sell them, when there is more things than demands that the price will drop. Not all is dropping, examine the clue scroll rewards, the majority of these rised pretty high then it had been before. Some lost, eg. rune god armors. Expensive items start crashing because players market them to buy pking armors. This happened after the New Old Wildy was published.

BGS dropped buy RuneScape gold a great deal since, I think you should know why. (Weak specs which employs all spec energy incase you didn't know) The fishies, its not a F2P upgrade like Charizard explained. P2P have them too, causing the fishies cost to crash. There are P2P bots.