Madden 21 Next Gen: 9 Things Players Need To Know

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Below is all you need to know about next-gen Madden 21 on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The next generation of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles have been here for a while, and EA Sports has brought Madden 21 to these new platforms. However, there are still many players who don’t know much about the next generation. So here are nine things players need to know about Madden 21 on next-gen before picking it up.

Celebrate with the Crowd

The first thing isn’t that big, but it’s still pretty cool nonetheless. Thanks to the improved power and performance of the new systems, Madden 21 will see players have the ability to celebrate in the crowd inside a number of stadiums.

PS5 Controller Benefits

One of the new features of the next-gen hardware comes in the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller. The controller features haptic feedback, and players will be able to feel the ball hitting a player's hands, getting hit by a blitzing linebacker, and even sense a blitz without looking for it. The adaptive triggers will also give players resistance in various situations when trying to separate from a defender.

More Dynamic Sidelines

The sidelines in Madden NFL have been boring, static places where nothing happens. In Madden 21 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, all changes thanks to a new dynamic sideline experience. Players on the sidelines will now have accurate player likenesses, names, skin tones, and body types. And rather than just standing still, you’ll see the players jump out of the way of a ball or player rushing out of bounds. There will even be instances of players reacting to the play on the field and interacting more with players along the sidelines.

Weather Improvements

In Madden 21, weather sees a large-scale improvement over the current generation of games. In-game players will see water standing on the sidelines during downpours, snow accumulating around the perimeter of the field, and even see how the weather affects the uniforms throughout the game.

No Major New Modes

No new major modes are coming into Madden 21 on the next-gen platforms. Again, everything from Gen 8 is here, leaving you with a full experience. Including the newly introduced The Yard mode.

New Play Calling System

The game’s play calling has been tweaked with a new playcalling experience along with some added features. You’ll now have the ability to call plays by the player, making it easier to get the ball into the hands of the best players on the field. If you also have specific plays you like to call in different moments, and the option to save favorite plays in the play call screen has been added. Players will even see X-Factors and game goals right from the newly designed play call screen. It’s a streamlined experience designed to help new players get comfortable.

Data Powers Player Movement

Arguably the biggest new feature coming to the next-gen version of Madden 21 is the inclusion that is powered by NFL Next Gen Stats.

Using data gathered from each and every player in every game over the last handful of years, Madden 21 on the new consoles will feature more fluid, authentic and realistic player movement. Thousands of new animations were captured based on various body types to help bring more fluid motion. Offensive linemen will move properly for blocking, receivers will run routes accurate to their real-life counterparts, ball carriers will adjust properly, and defensive backs will move more naturally when backpedaling and strafing.

Stat Powered Replays

With the introduction of NFL Next Gen Stats to the Madden series, the developers have also utilized them to power the in-game replay systems. Rather than just major plays like touchdowns or interceptions triggering replays, various actions within a game will also receive replay recognition. Things like a player’s yards after catch (YAC) or the time it took to sack the quarterback will now trigger a replay.

Free For Current-Gen

With the new generation, EA Sports introduced what it calls Dual Entitlement. This program allows those who own Madden 21 on either Xbox One or PlayStation 4 to upgrade to the next-gen version free of cost. But you have to upgrade from Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S or from PS4 to PS5.

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