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Doubts about what THC is and if it is good for the health of those who consume it

If you are here, it is because, like us before this article, you are not very clear about what THC is. Is THC in the marijuana plant or is it just one type of plant? Is it used to treat diseases, is it legal? If you are just curious, someone close to you is interested or you just came by chance, please keep reading.

THC is short for "tetrahydrocannabinol" or Δ9-THC. All cannabis plants contain THC in their seeds, in the stems and in CBD flower. However, not all have the same percentage of this substance. For example, hemp or “hemp " has the minimum amount of 0.3%. In this way, the plant can be used for food, textile and medicinal purposes without risk of tripping.

In fact, the plant is used to make products such as sneakers or other clothing ... And it is not something from now, but from many years ago. Only today we marvel to learn that our clothes could come from the same crops that we later smoke.

The Cannabis Sativa or marijuana has more than 70 cannabinoids or chemicals. According to its presence and proportion it is possible to determine the properties of each plant.  

THC: responsible for the psychoactive effects

THC is the main component and responsible for most of the psychoactive effects of cannabis. That is, it is to which we can attribute the “high” or rush of each trip. Both for the psychoactive effects and for the physical ones. You know, the senses are exacerbated a bit, there is relaxation with a feeling of well-being and the appetite increases. In addition to the perception of time and the body itself being altered, the mood can be affected with euphoria or sedation. Another effect is that it decreases memory, although it also stimulates it and attenuates some memories. Although, of course, everything varies depending on the person...

What we mean is that we speak of generalities, not of specific cases. Each organism is different and both the emotions and the body work in different ways. So no, because it doesn't happen to your friend, it's not going to happen to you, or vice versa.

All of the above is the watershed of any debate about the legalization or decriminalization of marijuana in some countries. The mentioned properties could be auxiliary in the treatment of physical or mental pathologies. For example, to reduce pain without overuse of pain relievers or to reduce traumatic memories of a patient.  

There are also those who, after the playful use of grass, manifest a creative and social openness.  This is not new, in the literature for example, it was mentioned. And not to mention those who use it to create new literary universes. For example, Roberto Bolzano, William S. Burroughs, Jack Kerouac or Carl Sagan.

The variety of consumption and the possible adverse effects of THC

The effects of THC are manifested when it is smoked; although there are people who prefer to eat products made with marijuana.  The ways are as varied as the tastes. It can be consumed in rolls, milk and even sweets. On the other hand, there are also options such as transdermal patches or drops.

There are all kinds of studies on the short and long term effects of THC in people who use marijuana. An example is how it could be the trigger for psychiatric disorders in adolescents, such as schizophrenia. You could also have long-term behavioral deficits. This, because between the ages of 10 and 25, changes in the nervous system lead to greater cognitive and neuronal efficiency. It is in these years that neuronal maturity takes place.

On the other hand, effects such as alteration of memory and perception, as well as mood, are also highlighted. Although it should be mentioned that these are not effects that all people who consume cannabis with THC have.

Likewise, it is recommended that those who use it for medicinal purposes do so with caution and controlled doses. That the increase is progressive so that the organism gets used to the effects of the substance. In this way, it is possible to "reduce the incidence of uncomfortable effects for patients", mentions the CANNA Foundation portal.

Reversal of the effects of THC and its medicinal use

Something important that should also be noted is that the possible adverse effects are fully reversible. To do this, you only have to reduce the intake dose or completely interrupt consumption. This will allow the system to be "reset" in some way after medicinal use of the substance.