Nike SB Dunk Low CNY Street Vendor is Best Morning Running Sneakers

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Nike SB Dunk Low CNY Street Vendor is Best Morning Running Sneakers

New Jordan is ready to welcome winter in the city with comfortable, high-quality materials. Wearing twins, sails, bare bones, and white color scheme. These calm colors of this Air Max 90 are mixed with the fluffy artificial fur lining, and it feels like you don't want to take off. Also, look inside and find hiking Nike characters who provide a non-stop good atmosphere with every step. The Jordan brand lineup in early 2021 has begun to leak, which already includes some new Air Jordan 1 colors. One of them includes this upcoming product, wearing a mix of white, volt, college gold and black. This Air Jordan 1 features a white leather base with black covering on the front, Volt ankles and golden high heels. The yellow translucent flip tongue label completes the design.

Designed by Guangzhou artist Jason Deng, the Nike SB Dunk Low CNY Street Vendor provides a huge support for the link between Chinese food culture and food culture. Above, a watercolor painting from Deng Xiaoping shows the design inspiration: six regional dishes from six Chinese cities, and many other nods that are cleverly integrated into Chinese cuisine. The left and right shoes of Jason Deng's Nike SB Dunk Low have different designs. Starting from the left, it uses lighter beige for three flour dishes. The suede suitcase mimics the color and texture of Beijing Mung Bean Soup (Doo Zhi). A pair of donuts (Jiaoquan) pattern forefoot and mung bean soup. The embossed suede on the side shows that the chopped pita bread is a traditional Xi'an dish: pita bread soaked in mutton soup. Mutton soup is expressed in horizontal water color patterns. Swoosh represents chopsticks with wood grain texture. On the horizontal heel, the water color fades to look like ordinary Shanghai noodles, also called Yangchun noodles.

Hot Sale Jordans A copper coin embroidered with 10 cents appeared on the horizontal heel, suggesting a sunny face. The left insole is like a blue sky, inspired by traditional Chinese slang, suggesting that people treat food as their paradise. The blue lining of the left midsole mimics the blue and white flowers of a fine porcelain bowl. The right shoe has a hotter color to represent different calories, from spicy to sweet. The metallic color on the right lunch box was pulled out of the Chengdu hot pot and cooked there. Boil the chili oil to process the foam around the work into the bowl box. The ostrich leather on the side is inspired by the famous crispy roasted goose skin in Guangzhou. The silver Swoosh is similar to the metal hook used to hang roasted goose. The flame and aloe wood used to roast the goose appear in the watercolor patterns around the eye lights. Shaved ice and taro balls-a common Taipei dessert-can be found on the heel counter. The insole depicts the scene of a bench terrace, a beautification method for planting rice fields. The collar lining reflects the color of the meat dish. The yellow outsole represents cooking oil.