Why some content creators in World of Warcraft are quitting the game

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Why some content creators in World of Warcraft are quitting the game

Preach Gaming and MadSeasonShow are the two largest content creators of World of Warcraft. They are exiting Blizzard's long-running MMO and moving to greener pastures. In a recent TBC Classic Gold report, Preach explained the channel's decision to stop reporting on World of Warcraft daily. He said that the recent California lawsuit against Activision Blizzard's so-called "fraternity" culture made him feel uncomfortable to promote Blizzard's games.

For Preach, its YouTube channel started in 2010 and almost completely covers World of Warcraft. The decision to withdraw has two aspects. The second reason is that he was disappointed with the balance of the World of Warcraft game, recent expansions, and new systems, such as the game's latest Shards of Domination mechanism, which made the game largely unpleasant. Although Preach's YouTube channel will continue to play, he said he will no longer play World of Warcraft.

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For MadSeasonShow, which opened a YouTube channel in 2014, the reasons are slightly different. Prior to the allegations in the lawsuit, MadSeason had decided to quit and make a video. Although he said he supports those affected by sexual harassment and discrimination, this is not the reason why he left the game. MadSeason's channel will continue in the future, but there is no content about World of Warcraft.

On the contrary, MadSeason regards the continuous monetization of the current version of WoW and WoW Classic as his main reason for moving forward. In his view, the introduction of WoW Token and many paid services have polluted the WOW TBC Classic Gold game, such as level upgrades and store-specific paid items.

In recent years, his channel has mainly turned to World of Warcraft classic coverage, partly because it does not include in-game cash stores. But this year with the release of Burning Crusade Classic, the situation has changed. Blizzard has added a paid level upgrade and a new mount to the game. These two contents never existed in the original version of WoW's first landmark expansion. pass.

When Preach and MadSeason withdrew from the game, some other World of Warcraft content creators were experimenting with new content outside of Blizzard's MMO. The popular World of Warcraft streaming media Towelliee said that in the foreseeable future, they will no longer play World of Warcraft until Activision Blizzard releases an action plan on how to improve its current working environment. For the latest information about WoW Burning Crusade Classic, welcome to visit MMOWTS, where you can also buy cheap TBC Classic Gold.