The development team added some new content to the POE 3.11.1f patch

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A few days ago, the POE game team released the 3.11.1f patch, which has improved many parts of the game, urgently needs improvement. Now they have issued an announcement that the developers have made some changes. Thanks to the previously released patches, players can now get more POE Currency and other special rewards after defeating monsters. Now players really want to see what the new content is related to.

The content of the new patch is definitely closely related to Bloom. The improved Bloom came into play after the exposure. It will cause the Bloom intensity to decrease throughout the game, especially in dark areas. Players can also change the intensity of the halo they can see by sliding the new halo slide in the new graphics menu. It adjusts the halo change interval from 25% of the basic intensity to 130%. The game team also adjusted many areas of the environment to reduce the brightness while reducing the intensity of the Bloom effect produced by Delve Flares.

In the rest of the patch, players have seen some improvements made by developers to text or interface crashes. In the past, players may experience client crashes when using Shield Charge or using Vulkan rendering to take screenshots. Now the development team has fixed them. Instances that occurred in the unique map of the Master Hall will no longer collapse. More detailed patch instructions players can go to the official forum to view. In related news, Grinding Gear Games recently explained why Harvest League will not include in the main game content.

At present, many players are enjoying themselves in the Harvest League. Some players have already Buy POE Currency and POE Orbs. It is preparing for the grand tenth anniversary celebration of POE next month and the arrival of the next league. In addition, stay tuned for the announcement of 3.12 by the POE team on September 1.