Prefabricated Garage: How to Choose the Most Suitable Type?

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Prefabricated garages are distinguished by the construction materials, which can be mainly wood, concrete or sheet metal.

Buying a prefabricated garage is an important choice and for this reason, before proceeding, you need to clarify so as not to be unprepared.

Why Buy a Prefab Garage?

Our homes in most cases have only one covered parking space available: thus they do not allow the shelter of several vehicles and often one is forced to choose between using the garage for the car or as a storage room for tools and other objects.

The living spaces are then increasingly smaller, especially in the city, and for this reason, they do not have the necessary place to store their belongings or carry out those small jobs that would dirty the house and that require a dedicated environment.

For this reason, more and more often we resort to the choice of buying a prefabricated garage. But what types are there on the market?

Prefabricated Garage

Types of Garages

Prefabricated garages are distinguished by the construction materials, which can be mainly wood, concrete or sheet metal.

Wooden Garage

The prefabricated wooden garages are structures that, if of suitable thickness, guarantee good thermal insulation and excellent weather resistance. However, they are generally quite expensive and require regular maintenance over time to maintain their aesthetic standards.

Prefabricated in Concrete

The prefabricated concrete is manufactured in the factory and delivered assembled or partially to the customer. Equipped with high insulation, they do not need any particular maintenance, except to refresh their appearance with plastering and painting. However, these solutions provide reduced customization possibilities, with the risk of price increases when special requests are made.

Prefabricated Garages in Galvanized or Insulated Sheet Metal

The prefabricated garage made of galvanized or insulated sheet metal are the cheapest, having or not having good insulation depending on the needs. They do not require maintenance, as their painting makes them invulnerable to water and rust.

In the case of Heinen Contracting, Inc., it will then be possible to choose the finishes and the coverage, making them perfect even in elegant or natural contexts.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Type of Sheet Metal?

More and more often in this way we opt for solutions in sheet metal, galvanized or insulated, a choice dictated by the advantages that we have illustrated in our previous article :

  1. Security against theft or vandalism.
  2. The practicality of a covered space in which to deposit materials or carry out small jobs without dirtying the house.
  3. The simplicity of assembly and speed of realization.
  4. Customization based on aesthetics and space needs.
  5. No maintenance.

Going in this direction, you will be faced with a decision: galvanized sheet metal or more insulation?

Box in Galvanized Sheet

The galvanized sheet boxes are light and resistant and represent the most economical solution. They are the ideal product for quick assembly and disassembly and when the purpose is essentially that of sheltering cars, motorcycles, bicycles or dinghies. In these cases, insulation is not essential, as the prefabricated building will be used essentially to protect one's vehicles from the elements.

Insulated Boxes

The insulated boxes are perfect if you prefer a thermally insulated space that matches the surrounding environment. The sandwich panels are composed of layers of sheet metal and polyurethane, which better withstand atmospheric agents and therefore resist over time, without requiring maintenance. If your purpose is to use the garage as a small workshop, this will be the most suitable choice: it will allow one or more people to stay even during the cold season, protecting from temperatures.

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