The Biggest SEO and Digital Marketing Scam | Top SEO Scam

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Everyone wants to succeed in their business right! Who doesn’t, because you want to succeed you want to look for some extra creative information try to improve more and more in your field. In this period your competitor would also be doing the same thing as you do because they know the same information they continue heading you up with scams and people containing all this information out there is providing little to no results. So according to research and professionals experience, we have come up with the biggest SEO and digital marketing scam that you should follow.


Automatic Content Creation

A lot of SEO doing article spinning for their content; lots of people say that we are using spinning articles through software. But that’s not a good thing for user experience as just for creating content for Google because eventually they have way more money than almost everyone on this earth and you end up hurt because you won’t be successful. After all, they know you are creating junk content. Remember that Google wants to rank this content which people refer to the most like UK assignment writer your article spinners aren’t going to do that. Don’t try to fool Google by adjusting your content into small different words and think that you’re content would be plagiarized-free. If you do that your Google knows this and you don’t rank at all. 


Produce Low-Quality Content

If you try to avoid doing hard work and creating low-quality content, Google will not be able to read your content. Moreover, if people can bounce to your blog because they can’t read it, this gone hurt you’re ranking badly.


Content Scrapping 

Content scraping is similar to article snipping and the fact that it just black hat tactics, but you practice it in your content little bit differently. In this illegal activity, people extract pieces of content from other websites and using them for their sites, and claiming that it’s their own words. Essentially it simply means you stealing content from other websites and this is the first idea to create content. If you take others' content and using their data, site them as a source because that’s something considerable if you site them for source instead of just stealing other content. 


Automated Link Building

There are many different types of automated link building from a link farm. Link farms are sites that are essentially used for back linking, if the sites provide no value and all are doing to link other websites what you think Google can’t do? Google notice easily that bad sites linking to your website that provide no value so it’s hurt your ranking over time. People are constantly creating a ton of backlinks that have high correlations with ranking and the more links you get the higher you rank.


Expired Domains 

People find an expired domain that they have a lot of backlinks taking them and try to redirect them to their sites. This will not help you in ranking, because most of the links are going to relevant while you doing and sending them to your page is not a good idea, and it is bad for the long run as well.